Beautified and bejeweled by the expert team at Mandy Lights, Commonwealth Park shines to light with sparkling sound and light displays.

NightFest 2017 will feature the largest lighting activation ever, with more lighting fixtures, more artistic installations and for the first time – two fully choreographed light shows set to music.

As our way of celebrating Floriade’s 30th birthday, we’re returning some of the most-loved lighting artworks that we’ve featured in our eight years of NightFest. Remember, to keep an eye out for new, interactive installations as well. Explore the light installations featuring at NightFest 2017 below.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 of our favourite light installations featuring at NightFest2017. Which one is your favourite?

Oh, and one more thing. We’re proud to say that NightFest 2017 is achieving sustainability goals, with over 98% of fixtures using LED light sources.

the vines

1. Immerse yourself in The Vines

Wander into The Vines and lose yourself amongst the lights and sounds. The installation seeks to mimic the natural vines that one might find in a dense rainforest, with the thousands of lights representing countless colourful floral blooms that burst to life with music.


2. We simply love this installation

Get ready to see NightFest lit up by your love. Simply place your hands on a controller and watch as six neon hearts beat in time with your heartbeat. A moment of connection that will stay with you forever.

@mandylights (9)

3. Bloomin’ beautiful

The Bloom will transform before your eyes…and your ears. Enjoy a colourful light show choreographed to music. This installation will be the centrepriece of a throwback to the 70s, located near Kangaroo Pond. Disco balls will light up the night sky as pulsing music gets your feet moving.


4. Enjoy a beer with a view

Larger-than-life flowers will adorn NightFest. Picture perfect against the night sky, this installation surrounds the Capital Brewing Co. bar making it the ideal place to enjoy a beer with a view.


5. Throwback to a crowd favourite

These simple but beautiful illuminated umbrellas have found their way back to Floriade. They first lit up NightFest in 2010 and are back by popular demand. Walking beneath this installation you can’t help but feel the magic of a simplicity mixed with a healthy dose of creativity.


6. Enter NightFest under a sea of lights

The Cathedral of Light will return to NightFest with a creative twist. The Floriade team thinks more is more, so we’ve created three installations to adorn each entrance to our after-dark festival. Step into NightFest in style, under a tunnel of fairy lights that twinkle as you snap that instaworthy pic.

Want to know what other light installations will be featuring at NightFest 2017? You’ll just have to come along and find out. Get your tickets now to secure your NightFest experience.

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