Floriade and the Environment


As Floriade grows, so do the economic, social and environmental challenges. In meeting these challenges Events ACT and Floriade work in line with the recommendations set out by the ACT Government’s Environment and Planning Directorate.

The Directorate provides a blueprint to focus our activities in developing and growing Floriade as a world-class tourism event, with an environmental conscience. Acknowledging our role as industry leaders in developing tourism in the ACT as well as innovation in environmental practices, Floriade strives to ensure environmental respect and care is top of mind across event delivery.

Getting to Floriade

For your convenience, bicycle racks provided by Pedal Power are located at the Parkes Way and Regatta Point entrances to Floriade. Make sure you bring your own chain and lock, as bicycles and tricycles must be left at the gate.

Green Power at Floriade

A partnership has been established with the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate, who are supporting the green component of the Floriade and NightFest.

Lighting NightFest

Energy-saving globes have been installed for public space lighting and LED power-saving globes have been procured for the aesthetic lighting for NightFest.

Green Catering

Floriade’s official caterers are assisting with our green mission by using recyclable serving containers such as bamboo plates and utensils as well as recycled paper goods such as napkins. We have also provided our workforce, volunteers and long term suppliers with reusable drink bottles and have ordered bulk Neverfail dispensers to reduce the amount of plastic bottles.

Sustainable Paper

Floriade and Floriade NightFest marketing material is printed on paper stock with a PEFC accreditation (paper manufactured using sustainable forestry management practices). Material includes brochures and maps, posters and the official Floriade program.

Recycling Facilities

Additional recycling facilities will be installed throughout the park to encourage patrons to recycle their waste paper, glass and cans. As well as mass recycling facilities for use for caterers and suppliers.

Saving Water at Floriade

In response to environmental impacts and the ACT’s permanent water conservation measures, Events ACT has adopted a number of water saving measures to reduce the environmental impacts of hosting Canberra’s flagship event. Some of these measures include:

  • Floriade’s main water supply is provided from Lake Burley Griffin. In partnership with the National Capital Authority, Events ACT is committed to ensuring responsible water usage and management for Floriade.
  • The sprinkler system in Commonwealth Park has been changed from the quick coupler system to an automatic irrigation system which allows for better efficiency and accuracy.
  • Accountability measures from the horticultural maintenance team are more vigilant on water usage.
  • The Floriade Horticultural Service Provider, Parks, Conservation and Lands has calculated water use for both best case and worst case scenarios for Floriade. The best case scenario is 2.24 Mega litres (2.24 million litres) per annum and worst case scenario is 3.4 Mega Litres (3.4 million litres) per annum.

Site Preservation

Floriade garden soil is supplied by Martins Fertilizers. Through the partnership Events ACT maintains with Martins Fertilizers, the soil for Floriade is designed to absorb and retain moisture, is a free draining nutrient rich soil and may be used on its own or to enrich existing soil and garden beds. This mix complies with Australian standards and contains:

  • Wetting agent – to aid in moisture absorption. It will help the mix absorb moisture quicker and more evenly throughout the mix, saving water.
  • Gypsum – to improve soil structure, increase water penetration and increase aeration which will enhance plant root development.
  • Trace elements – providing plants their full nutritional requirements.
  • Controlled release fertiliser – contains controlled release of nutrients for up to nine months of healthy plant growth.
  • Australian made – Martins Fertilizers is an 100% family owned Australian company.

Floriade pots and hanging baskets contain the same Floriade Garden Soil, including its water saving capabilities.

The Floriade Horticultural Service Provider cap off sprinkler in areas of Commonwealth Park where water is not required, i.e. under marquee sites and adjacent to event catering areas.

The Floriade Horticultural Service Provider manipulates and adjusts sprinkler heads to ensure water is directed onto garden beds as efficiently as possible.

Sustainability in the Program

Floriade exhibitors are required to use low water use and drought-tolerant plants where practical. They are also asked to consider other elements of water conservation for example, the use of mulches and water reservoirs for water features.

Smoke-free Floriade

Floriade is a family friendly event and is moving towards becoming smoke-free within its site boundaries. Smoking is prohibited by law in all Floriade marquees and dining areas. As part of Floriade’s move to become a smoke-free event, we kindly ask that you respect other patrons and not smoke in sign posted areas or areas frequented by children.

Fines can be issued for smoking in these areas. If you have any doubts about non-smoking areas, please ask at the premises or refrain from smoking.

Park Restoration

After Floriade, Commonwealth Park must be restored and rectified by the Floriade Horticultural Service Provider in accordance with guidelines determined by agreement with the National Capital Authority. This includes returfing areas of Commonwealth Park that have been affected by Floriade garden beds and infrastructure. Turf varieties that require less water to establish and maintain are used wherever possible, for example Couch grass. This particular variety could survive if stage 4 water restrictions come into effect.