On Saturday 14 October, Floriade welcomed dogs, big and small, to Commonwealth Park.

Did you pose with your pup in our free photo booth, chow down on delicious delicacies at the Pooch Café or soak up some sunshine as you explore Floriade together?

In 2017, visitors could pick up a present for their pooch at the Dogs’ Day Out Market or enter our competition for the best dressed pup to win some goodies. There was lots of four-legged fun to be had with activities and demonstrations on offer throughout the day.

Floriade was paws-itively teeming with four-legged friends at Dogs’ Day Out 2017.

We’ve compiled these paw-some photo albums below so you can remember Dogs’ Day Out 2017 for years to come.

Activity Location Time
Dancing with Dogs Demonstration Main Stage 10:15
Soccer Dogz Demonstration Grass Area 10:30
Noseworks Club Demo Grass area 11:00
Chewing + Teething Presentation Main Stage 11:30
Safety Dog Demonstration Grass area 12:00
Dancing with Dogs Demonstration Main Stage 12:30
Best Dressed Dog Competition Main stage 13:00
K9D – Dog Frisbee Demonstration Grass area 13:30
Soccer Dogz Demonstration Grass area 14:00
Dog Grooming Presentation Main stage 14:00
Barking and Digging Presentation Main Stage 14:30
Slice of Heaven Presentation Main Stage 15:00
Heads, Elbows, Knees and Toes Presentation Main Stage 16:00
K9D – Dog Frisbee Demonstration Grass Area 16:30
Soccer Dogz Demonstration – Finale Special Main Stage 17:15

Breed Group Photo Schedule

10:30am       Greyhound
10:45am       Pug
11:00am       Dalmation
11:15am       Schnauzer
11:30am       Spitz
11:45am       Labrador
12:00pm       Rescue
12:15pm       Bull Terrier
12:30pm       Border Collie
1:45pm         Staffy
2:00pm        Dachshund
2:15pm        Oodles
2:30pm        Golden Retriever
2:45pm        Small Breed
3:00pm        German Short Haired Pointer
3:15pm        French Bulldog
3:30pm        Australian Cattle Dog
3:45pm        Terrier
4:00pm        Giant Breed
4:15pm        Spaniel
4:30pm        Kelpie
4:45pm        German Shepherd
5:00pm        Anyone and everyone!

  • All dogs are fully vaccinated
  • Dogs are socialised and generally non-aggressive to people or other dogs
  • All dogs remain on a leash at all times
  • Dogs and owners remain on designated paths and do not enter any garden bed at any time
  • Dogs do not enter any indoor venue or food outlet
  • As per ACT law, all waste is disposed of responsibly
  • Dogs only enter the park from 10am – 7pm on Saturday 14 October 2017, Dogs’ Day Out