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Floriade wishes to invite villages, nursing homes and community groups who own their own or have access to a mini-bus, to provide Floriade tours for their residents/group.

When are tours held?

Tours will be held Monday 18 to Thursday 21 September and Monday 9 to Thursday 12 October at the following times:

10:00 am
10.30 am
11:00 am
2:00 pm
2.30 pm
3:00 pm
3.30 pm

How long will a tour take?

Tours will take approximately 15 minutes but you will be permitted to take up to 25 minutes of your allocated time.

Is there a limit on the size of vehicle I can bring?

Due to safety issues and the risks involved with having vehicles in the park during busy periods the maximum size bus that can be brought into the park is a 25 seater bus.

What is the cost?

The tour is free. The only cost is if you decide to provide catering for your residents/group.

Can I do multiple tours?

Yes, you can complete as many tours as you like on as many days as you like. To do this please complete separate application forms for each tour.

Can I have more than one bus in the park?

No. Due to safety issues, we can only allow one bus in the park at a time. However, if you wish to bring more than one bus to your tour, the buses will have to wait and go through one at a time in your allocated time slot.

How do I apply?

To apply complete the Bus Tour Application Form providing us with the dates and times that you would like to conduct a tour.

Please note that if you are holding more than one tour please complete separate forms.

In addition to the application form, we also require the following documents:

  1. Drivers Licence
  2. Vehicle Registration
  3. CTPI and Vehicle Insurance

Confirmation of your tour will be forwarded to you in writing after 18th August 2017.

Please send or fax your completed application forms along with the required additional information to –

John Leahy
Events ACT
GPO Box 158
Canberra ACT 2601


Enquiries please contact John Leahy on 02 6205 0627 or