Written by Better Homes and Gardens garden editor, Roger Fox.

Leaf by leaf and bud by bud, spring is just starting to make itself felt around the country. And when it comes to the question of “what should I do in the garden right now”, the first thing to tackle is plant feeding. Everything is hungry after winter! Keep it simple, and follow the old garden mantra – ‘feed the soil and the soil with look after the plants’. Throw a bag of cow manure, or one of the pelletised manure products, into a wheelbarrow and journey right around the garden, spreading it generously over all your garden beds (and your vegie patch too). Fork it lighty into the soil surface, then water well to get the nutrients working. Midway through spring, follow up with a second feeding, using a slow-release granular fertiliser this time, and spreading it around the root zone of your shrubs, trees and flowers. Boost vegie crops regularly, with one of the soluble foods formulated for home food crops.

While it’s easy to put it off till later in the season, your garden really will thank you for an early feed, and it means that all the new growth and budding blooms will have the nutrition they need to really flourish!

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