Explore the Floriade marketplace. In 2017, the marketplace was spread around the park so visitors could discover stalls filled with delight as they ventured through Floriade.

We’re not quite ready to announce who will be trading at Floriade 2018, but we invite you to explore our 2017 traders below.

Amacyn Natural Perfume

Amacyn design and hand make artisan natural perfume with organic ingredients. It is derived from nine years of experience with 30 formulations.  At the heart of our product is a conviction the power of pure essential oils capable to meet the specific needs of the skin. We use premium botanical plant extract and distilled essential oil filled with the power drawn from the sun and the minerals from the ground where the plant grows. The notes are layered generously creating a master piece of contemporary perfumes.
Our perfumes are 100% all natural plant extracts and pure essential oils (no synthetic chemicals, emulsifier, and solubilizer, non-toxic) distilled to perfection.

No animal testing (cruelty-free) and our package is environmentally friendly (99.99% no plastic and no containers with BPA). No artificial and animal fragrances, colours, phthalates, parabens or synthetic ingredients.


Amacyn Natural Perfume will be at Floriade 16 September – 2 October. You can find then at Site 5, opposite Stage 88.

Olive & Ash

Olive & Ash (formerly e.sense) is Tasmania’s premium olive oil soap and skincare company where the olive oil used in our products is locally grown in the cool climate of Southern Tasmania which lends to slow ripening fruit therefore slower oxidation of the fruit leading to greater benefits for the skin.

Our soaps are made in the traditional method dating back to the 8th century where the fat used is only olive oil and due to its high levels of squalene, oleic acid vitamin A & E leaves you with skin that is more calm, clear and moisturised and is a hard soap therefore just lasts and lasts. We believe everyone should know the ingredients that go into the products you put on to your skin so our products are free of hidden ingredients or additives colours or fragrances and are clearly labeled. Most of our products are vegan friendly and we do not use palm oil or other ingredients that are environmentally damaging. We pride ourselves on the benefits that our products bring to those who suffer from conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne and overall dry skin.


Olive & Ash will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Zilpah Tart

Zilpah tart garments and accessories are designed for women who like to wear something unique, feminine and comfortable. Something that makes them feel special and stand out in a crowd.

The designs are made locally from the Designers Studio in Canberra, from exclusive fabric prints, ensuring quality in an Australian made product.


Zilpah Tart will be at Floriade 3 October – 15 October.


Moements’ unique concept offers museum quality fine art note cards, prints and gifts to be treasured.

We specialise in capturing moements in 16th – 19th century botanical and natural history art.

Give the gift of timeless allure with Moements bespoke fine art products.
• Beautifully packaged sets of 10 Note Cards w/ envelopes in a Moements signature box
• Fine Art Prints on the finest quality art paper
• Mini Memory Games – 18 pairs of glass tiles – fun and concentration for the whole family
• Glass Paperweights
• Fridge Magnets
• Gift Tags with envelopes
• Magnetic Bookmarks
• 2018 Calendars

All Moements products are designed, and handmade in Australia by Moe


Moements will be at Floriade 16 September – 2 October.

Rhythm Pixies

Come and get an awesome airbrushed facepaint or airbrushed tattoo at Floriade 2017, with over 100 designs we have something for everyone.
If you want to glow under the blacklights at NightFest visit our stall for UV body painting.

Our little artists area is a great opportunity for the children of Floriade to appreciate their environment by painting what they see and experience during Floriade. We also have warm crazy beanies in all sizes.

Rhythm Pixies will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Titan Knives & Magic Pens

Titan Knives are Australian designed, these knives combine the highest standards of manufacture with a functional and elegant design.

Magic pens erase and change colour and give amazing 3D effects, they truly are magic.


Titan Knives & Magic Pens will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Australian Leather Seal

Passed down through the generations the original Australian Leather Seal is part of Australian bush culture. Formulated from the outback’s  natural ingredients. The original Australian Leather Seal is an essential product to combat the harshest of elements, from winters soaking moisture to summers drying heat. The original Australian Leather Seal is the most effective way to maintain the natural beauty, texture and look of leather, vinyl and canvas. In general, the original Australian Leather Seal is the best there is for your leather. From your oldest work boots to a quality jacket or antique chair, your leather deserves it.


Australian Leather Seal will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Jack Belt

The revolutionary Jack Belt with a clever ratchet system ensuring a ‘perfect’ fit for everyone. Black or brown leather with a big variety of buckles to suit all tastes. Stylish, clever and the most comfortable belt you will ever wear. For ladies and men.


Jack Belt will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Cracking Corn

We offer a handcrafted popcorn in takeaway portions that allows customers to snack and enjoy Floriades beautiful gardens and attractions.

All our products are sourced from a family owned company in Fyshwick, and nothing is grown offshore. We are 100% Australian made and local to Canberra.

Cracking Corn will be at Floriade 16 September – 2 October.

Twister Dryer and Air Hawk

This is a portable electric clothes horse, designed to be compact but provide you with the ability to dry your clothes in the same amount of time as a clothes dryer. Many people use clothes horses to dry clothes indoors and this can be not only slow but also contribute to moisture being trapped inside clothes for an extended period of time. You can spend $600 on a dryer that uses 2-3k watts to run or alternatively you have to drive to the local laundromat and spend $5-$10 to dry a load of washing. With the twister dryer you can dry your clothes in the same amount of time as a clothes drying using only 1k watts. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up and can dry a full load of washing (up to 9kg), including delicate items.


Twister Dryer and Air Hawk will be at Floriade 21 September – 15 October.

Flower Craft

This family business has been developed by mastering the art of preserving wild flowers in jewellery settings and ornaments. We have been trading in Australia for over 35 years and offera unique taste of Australian Flora.


Flower Craft will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Mini Bling

Mini Bling is a children’s wear label based in Canberra and established in Sydney in 200 after having my first daughter.

Our range provides an array of baby and toddler clothing and accessories all with a touch of vintage sparkle.

Plus the new addition of our baby boys wear range.


Mini Bling will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Veito Heaters

The Veito Blade heater is perfect for outdoor and indoor use as it is extremely efficient taking only seconds to heat up. Using infrared to heat people and objects you can direct heat to where you  want it.


Veito Heaters will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Ultimate Steel Hose

Ultimate Steel Hose will be at Floriade 3 October – 15 October.


Bench Pro 2000 has been trading in Australia now since 1991. We specialise in the oz-vice sanders and now the super-snipper line trimmer and the super wheels which is Australian designed and manufactured.


Super-Snipper will be at Floriade 3 October – 15 October.

Renovator Transforma Ladder

Most jobs require more than one ladder, with the Renovator Transforma Ladder you get either 24 or 35 different ladders in one portable, compact and easy to use unit.

You will be able to get up close to your work in tricky areas other ladders just can’t reach – even on staircases and slopes. It is one piece of equipment for every job, in every location, inside and out.

Transforma ladder come in both 4 step or 5 step with either a 120kg or 180kg weight rating, each ladder kit contains one wall-stand-off, two work platforms, two leg levellers, two joiners, a wall chart, instruction booklet and DVD.

In summary the Renovator Transforma Ladder is the safest, strongest, most versatile, functional, slip resistant aluminium ladder in the world.


Renovator Transforma Ladder will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.


Backdoorshoes are practical, comfortable and lightweight clogs. Completely waterproof, tough but flexible and available in a wide range of stunning garden-inspired patterns.

Perfect for gardeners, pet lovers, anyone who needs to ‘pop’ outside – hanging the washing out, feeding the chooks, collecting the mail… the clog design means that there is no need to bend down, you can just step into them – even with your hands full!

Replace that pile of shoes at your backdoor with a pair of these stylish and super comfy shoes. Loved in the UK for many years now, we want Australia to discover the comfort and practicality of these eye-catching clogs.


Backdoorshoes will be at Floriade 16 September – 2 October.

Sweepa Rubber Broom

Sweepa, sweeps, scrubs, washes and squeezes all in one! Indoors or outdoors, wet and dry, washable and virtually indestructable! The Sweepa Range is moulded from one-piece of solid natural rubber. Perfect for removing pet hair from carpets, washing and sweeping inside floors and driveways. Its uses are endless, unlike standard bristle brooms that have been around for centuries, Sweepa has been scientifically engineered to be the most advanced broom ever created. Sweepa is constructed to industructable with strategically placed bristle design, it sweeps better than anything you have ever used before.


Sweepa Rubber Broom will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Gourmet Popcorn & Rocky Road

Rocky Road; Soft bites of handmade marshmallow, roughly chopped pistachios, a hint of coconut and powdery puffs of aromatic Turkish Delight, are bound together with an excess of dark, white or milk couverture chocolate. Abundant in taste and overflowing with flavour.

Gourmet Popcorn & Rocky Road will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

ROWO Herbal Sports Gel

Dalice Enterprise Pty Ltd is the sole Australian agent for ROWO Herbal Sports Gel – AUST L63093. This product is made in Germany and its active ingredients are peppermint oil, arnica, chamomile, echinacea and witch hazel. The gel is useful for sports and other soft tissue injuries and it can be applied before and after physical activities to help prevent muscular cramps and spasms. The gel also provides temporary relief for arthritic pain. We also supply Olympia Kinesiology tapes and USA products which include the TriggerWheel.

Contact us on 02 9988 3941 or www.rowo.net.au

ROWO Herbal Sports Gel will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.


Windspinners is an Australian made product promoting vogue art for your outdoor areas. With the carefully designed 3D imagery that is produced when your windspinner is active certainly attracts and captivates people of all ages.


Windspinners will be at Floriade 16 September – 2 October. You can find then at Site 6, opposite Stage 88.

Silver Caracol

Enhance and fascinate with a gift of ancient mystery wrapped in fresh spring fashion, with elegant modern jewellery designs from the land of the Toltecs, Aztecs, and Mayans. Silver Caracol’s stunning silver and floral jewellery makes the perfect momento of Floriade for spring.


Silver Caracol will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Neo Organic Tea & Skin Solutions

Neo Australia’s unique tea & skin care range is hand made and blended in Sydney. Based on remedial ancient recipes and designed to help enhance your chakras and inner beauty. The hand blended, organic, ayurvedic teas will help you feel better everyday!

Neo’s skincare is made from precious plant and tea extract that will boost skin with antioxidants and help you glow every day!.


Find Neo Organic Tea & Skin Solutions at Floriade from 16 September – 15 October.

Andez Jewellery

They have been creating, designing & exhibiting exquisite unique designs in Canberra and in various special events throughout Australia since 1990.
Their aim is to inspire others with their exclusive gemstone creations and provide excellent quality original gifts for everybody, all ages and genders at very reasonable prices.

John & Marisol personally collect minerals, gems, beads and findings from three major gem cutting centres; Jaipur, Hong Kong & Bangkok making sure they select the absolute best high quality stones, shapes and varieties to use in their creations and designs. These precious materials are then skillfully assembled into irresistible jewellery items in their new and spacious workshop ready to provide the best service possible to their clients in special exhibitions throughout Australia and now through their website.

Andez Jewellery prides itself in providing the widest range of popular and rare gemstones.


Andez Jewellery will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October. You can find then at Site 2, opposite Stage 88.

Mt Wayo Station Lavender Farm

Small family business started over 20 years ago in the local region. We produce a large range of lavender cosmetics and heat packs. We have been attending Floriade for over 10 years now and have a wonderful client base that we get to see each year.


Mat Wayo Station Lavendar Farm will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Amazing Vitality

Celebrate Spring with Amazing Vitality at Floriade.

Put a spring in your step with the Amazing Vitality team. We have our affordable, quality, custom fitting orthotic SOLE inserts and thongs in addition to our self heating hot/cold packs, cool neckties and Australian Bush Essentials skin care. Come and see us for a demonstration or fitting and have a Bloomin’ good time!!

Come & try our TurmeriX: Fast Acting Soluble Turmeric Powder This is made in Melbourne by an all Australian company using the best ingredients found

Our 17-ingredient formula is like no other, offering multiple layers of health benefits. Powdered food offers a super high absorption rate giving customers a fast result using 100% food and no additives.
TurmeriX is a Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan product & is part of our Amazing Vitality Top To Toe Health range of products.


Amazing Vitality will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Robinvale Estate

Robinvale Estate Dressings are created with passion using the freshest citrus grown in the region. We blend agrumato oil, where the olives are pressed with fruit onsite together with vinegar or verjuice, herbs and other premium ingredients. The dressings make for the perfect salad, seafood, meat or marinade any time of the day. The family owned and operated grove occupies 220 acres of olives just south of Robinvale. Dressings are made by hand onsite at the factory.

In 2001 the purchase of an olive oil extrusion plant was made ensuring the olives are picked and harvested at their optimum time. In 2008 the first 2 dressings were developed sourcing the freshest local products and to this day continue to win accolades nationally. The range has expanded and continues to grow. Six out of seven entries were recently awarded Silver and Bronze awards at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2017.


Robinvale Estate will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Cassada Massage Products

Discover the secret of unforgettable comfort. An innovative massage chair with a wide range of functions whereby massage is carried out gently, carefully and with maximum accuracy. Experience the Mini well Twist massage cushion as it gently loosens the muscles and increases your well-being within a very short time.


Cassada Massage Products will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Perry’s Lemon Myrtle Rainforest Products

Perry’s Lemon Myrtle Rainforest Products. 100% Australian owned, grown & manufactured. Direct from the farm to the public, giving the freshest and best quality product for the skin as well as tea, spices and pure essential oils straight from the still.


Perry’s Lemon Myrtle Rainforest Products will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Endangered Animals Australia incorporating Secret Gully

Join us to learn the skills of a puppeteer!

Everyday we will offer lessons with our puppets for teachers, parents and grandparents too! Bring the kids along!
We have plenty of puppets and we would love to show you what fun we have trying to trick people with our skills!

Our puppets are unique in Australia. In the ACT you can only find them in Floriade! Because they are hand made we never have enough to sell to other retail outlets, so every year we come to Floriade.

Our Prices range from $18 – $85 and this year we will have our CD’s available again for $8.

All our puppets are hand made, fully washable and supported with information on our website at www.secretgully.com.au

So come along and have some fun!!


Endangered Animals Australia incorporating Secret Gully will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

The Fudge People

More than 30 varieties of fresh home-made fudge cut straight off the block to suit all tastes and budgets. Turkish delight in many flavours including rosewater, pistachio, cherry, lemon, mandarin, mint and mixed.


The Fudge People will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October. You can find then at Site 1, opposite Stage 88.

Wine Selectors

Wine Selectors has been selecting wine for over 40 years and over 200,000 Australians trust our expert tasting panel to uncover the most exciting wines from the most interesting wineries and wine makers. They love the huge diversity we offer and the way our exploration of Australian wine never ends.

Visit Wine Selectors and discover for yourself at www.wineselectors.com.au

Wine Selectors will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Orchid Treasures Australia & iBark

Real orchids are hand picked and preserved in resin to make one of a kind jewellery.

iPhone cases are made from CORN, Australian Hardwood and kangaroo leather. This case offers excellent phone & screen protection without being bulky.


Orchid Treasure Australia & iBark will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Fat Cat Pottery

Fat Cat Pottery is a family run Australian Small Business. Jenni & Joe Cross, clay artists. Specialise in designing and creating an extensive and unique range of individually handcrafted and hand glazed pottery animals and gifts.


Fat Cat Pottery will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

B’s Home & Garden Art

Transform your home and garden instantly with our gorgeous range of metal art work. From quirky to sophisticated, you’ll find just what you’re looking for.


B’s Home & Garden Art will be at Floriade 16 September – 2 October.

Australian Landscape Jewellery

Stunning handmade sterling silver jewellery, accompanied by a photo of the place that inspired it.

Australian Landscape Jewellery is truly unique, combining Suzette Watkins’ Jewellery with husband Mike Fewster’s photography.

This original jewellery is made from sterling silver, semi-precious stones, custom glass and freshwater pearls, made in Adelaide.


Australian Landscape Jewellery will be at Floriade 16 September – 2 October.

The Fudge Man

Established in 1994 and created from our very own recipe.
We make unique gourmet, gluten free chocolate base fudge.
Now with 23 flavours.

Also available is a range of dairy and sugar free fudge, in 6 delicious flavours. As well as Rock Road (Fruit and Nut varieties) and Coconut Ice to cater for all needs.

The Fudge Man also offers beautiful Chocolate Cupcakes filled with our delectable Rocky Road or Fudge. These are delicately topped off with dainty flowers.

On top of this we have also created mini Chocolate Cupcakes filled with mint, caramel or brandy fudge, these are also topped with beautiful flowers.  These can be served as a side treat individually with a coffee or sold in a gift box of 6.

Extending our products we also stock novelty chocolate ranges, much like the cupcakes for; Easter, Mother’s Day and Christmas.

All of our products are 100% preservative free and Gluten free. Making them not only a delicious but guilt free treat. Our stock is available both retail and wholesale. All stock can be sold on, enjoyed or given as a gift.


The Fudge Man will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.


Cozyosko is a small Australian owned business where we design and create exclusive travel products and unique, multi-functional women clothing.

Established in 1999, we began with our Internationally Award Winning range of Pram Swags for babies and toddlers to 3yrs old. Cozy and comfortable, these swags are not just made to fit into the stroller and car seat, they open out to a play rug or zip off to a reversible seat liner. Cozyosko has been voted as the Best Buggy Accessory in the U.K. by Practical Parenting, Mothers Choice and Practical Preschool.

We have also designed an elegant range of ladies garments fantastic for travelling.

Our Reversible Skirts are non-iron and can also be worn as a dress, so you have 4 looks in 1. An essential in every woman’s suitcase. One size fits from a 6 – 18/22 so are suitable from a child to adult.

Our chic Cashmere/Wool Cape can be worn short, long, or as a wrap-around skirt. It is a beautiful, classic design which will never date.

We have also created a stunning collection of 100% Silk tops that can be worn several different ways. Designed to be thrown over a summer t-shirt or winter skivvy, they instantly add style and femininity.


Cozyosko will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Seven Creek Pearls

We hand make a beautiful range of pearl jewellery. Our range includes earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets & much much more. Our pieces are great value and beautiful quality.


Seven Creek Pearls will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.


Zawahdee sells hand crafted South African hair combs in a vast array of colours and designs. Each comb is individually crafted to create a unique and stunning piece. Zawahdee combs are extremely popular with women of all ages including little girls. These combs are not only comfortable but are also practical and quick to use. With ease you can create over 25 hairstyles.

The selling of our combs helps in the fight against poverty in South Africa.


Zawahdee will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Opal Merino

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, Pavarn Bhardwaj as the founder and designer of ‘Opal Merino’. Opal Merino is an established business that has been designing & supplying high fashion, premium boutique style wraps & scarves in Australia & overseas. ‘Opal Merino’ has been proudly supporting the Australian Iconic Merino Wool industry & its long term sustainability & supply chain, from the wool growers, manufacturers to the consumers for over 15 years, with its usage of Australian Merino wool.

I have been involved in producing my own exclusive designs making fashionable boutique style wraps & scarves designed into stylish & functional apparel. I am constantly developing my collection of Pashmina’s & strive to develop not only sensational colour combinations but also practical classics which we all need as an essential shade to suite our wardrobe.

I have been trading from Floriade over the past 10 years & I am excited to be trading from Floriade 2017 again. I look forward to showcasing my latest designs & colours. See you there!


Opal Merino will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Step Forward Orthotics

If you suffer from back pain, bunions, heel pain, sore feet, knees or hips, visit Step Forward Orthotics for a free appraisal and trial of their flexing orthotics. Made from a medical grade polymer which remains odour and allergy free.
Made in the USA since 1974.


Step Forward Orthotics will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.


Shankara sells a wide variety of beautiful handmade flower lights. Available as string lights to decorate your home or as flower bouquets, used just like a normal lamp – just so much more beautiful.

We also offer very nice handmade flower crowns & hair bands, as well as a great selection of bags & hats with flower decorations.

For the children we have a lucky dip!


Shankara will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Cloud 9 Hanging Chair

The Cloud 9 Deluxe Hanging Chair is a modern hammock style chair and is a great addition to any home. It is so comfortable, a wonderful way to put your feet up and relax with total weightlessness and enjoy your beautiful garden. It is so easy to get in and out of. It simply hangs from any Veranda, Pergola, a Big tree or even hang it on our portable stand (C Frame sold separately). This allows you to place your chair anywhere around your backyard, alongside the pool, in the BBQ area or in your favourite part of the garden. It is easy to hang, requiring only one fixing point, which allows you to hang the chair from more than one point in your backyard.


Cloud 9 Hanging Chair will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

2WP Pty Ltd

For all your garden pruning, lopping and cutting needs along with keeping your home clean. Come and see the range of easy to use products at the 2WP site in the Garden marquee.


2WP Pty Ltd will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

CutAbove Tools

CutAbove Tools has a wonderful range of quality gardening, pruning and cleaning tools. We offer a two year warranty on all our products and carry a comprehensive range of spare parts. Let us help you choose the right tool for you!


CutAbove Tools will be at Floriade 16 September – 2 October.

Mudgeeraba Spices + Curry Blends


Mudgeeraba Spices offers a range of all natural, premium curry blends, chutneys, pickles, sambols and chilli pastes. Curry blends are made from whole seeds and ground from whole spice to guarantee the flavour and freshness. The chutneys, pickles, sambols and chilli pastes are produced using traditional methods and are made from only the freshest ingredients, using only natural preservatives such as olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

Cobra Chilli is Exciting, Fresh, Flavoursome and HOT!

Producing gourmet, boutique, craft chilli sauces, barbecue sauces, buffalo wing sauces, pepper sauces, chilli pastes and our famous Magic sauce using all natural ingredients.

These ingredients combined with this planet’s hottest chillies, as well as some traditional favourites are used to create delicious sauces catering to all chilli cravings alike from Mild to Wild!


Mudgeeraba Spices will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Exotic Filled Candy & Licorice

65cm sherbet filled candy & Licorice in over 30 delicious flavours; we have a flavour for everyone!


Exotic Filled Candy & Licorice will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.


Hand cooked slow roasted caramelised nuts cooked onsite by Nutasha. Excellent quality savoury nuts available.


Nutorious will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October. You can find then at Site 3, opposite Stage 88.

Flat Stacks Containers

No more crazy drawers or cluttered cabinets – Flat Stacks save you up to 60% storage space! Flat Stacks Containers are space-saving, stress-free and super-efficient. You can store your food expanded or collapsed, saving you all kinds of space. 100% leak-Proof, 100% airtight & 100% BPA free.

You’ll save more than double the space in your kitchen and keep your cupboards tidier than ever! Flat Stacks containers are all dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezer safe! Plus, you can take them straight from the freezer and put them directly in the microwave to cook or reheat your food. Say goodbye to your old plastic containers and say hello to your new,
bright and reliable silicone Flat Stack Containers!


Flat Stacks Containers will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Whirly + Spotty Dot

Spotty Dot is a beautiful mix of childrens toys + gifts curated for Floriade with many cute + beautiful products to enjoy. Whirly will be selling lovely Quality Italian Windmills for the Garden along with other fun outdoor products.



Whirly + Spotty Dot will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Sweet and Sour Australia

Come and visit the Sweet and Sour stand at Floriade this year. We are happy to give you a free taste of our Sweet and Sour fruit liquorices. We have quality products, at low prices.

As usual, we will be selling our long lengths and 165g tubs, as well as a special NEW product, exclusive to Floriade. Check out our Special Edition Mixed Tub and Showbags – only available at Floriade. All our products are of the highest quality, manufactured in Australia, Italy and Spain. Gluten Free and Gelatine Free products are available in stock. Please ask our staff.

Also, come and spin the lucky prize wheel, maybe you will lucky enough to win a prize. Have some fun with our friendly staff. Don’t miss the chance of a lifetime, see you there!


Sweet and Sour Australia will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.

Sun Protection Shop

Cancer Council hats, sunglasses and sunscreen for the whole family. Akubra hats. Kangaroo leather hats. Ladies fashion hats. Childrens hats. Fitover sunglasses.


Sun Protection Shop will be at Floriade 16 September – 15 October.