Written by Better Homes and Gardens garden editor, Roger Fox.

Spring is a season of flowers. But despite the best of intentions, we don’t all manage to plan for a flower-filled garden, which peaks with buds and blossoms right on cue. And that’s where a little springtime garden styling comes to the rescue. Nurseries pack themselves with all the brightest and hardiest of the season’s flowers right now (in full bloom!) and when you combine a trolley full of these with a few favourite containers, the result is a whole collection of perfectly gorgeous spring scenes. Place two by the front door, one at the front gate, and a couple more on the back deck or verandah – instant spring!


Tips for a scene:

  • Choose flowers which give the most brilliant colours for the longest time – polyanthus, cineraria, pansies, violas, lobelia, primula and marguerite daisies are some of the best.
  • For a knockout scheme, pick up a few potted hyacinths or tulips from a florist. Plant them in the centre of a large container and surround with a ring of pansies or polyanthus in a contrasting colour.
  • Try the quickest ‘cheat scheme’ of all – just slip your potted bloomers straight into a one-size-larger decorative container. Instant colour with no repotting!


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