The Parlour of Curiosities welcomed guests in 2016.

This decadently dressed venue sings of a by-gone era of the exotic and unfamiliar.

Full of laughs at NightFest, the Parlour spotlighted one funny act after another.

Headline act, comedian at large, Jimeoin is no stranger to the stage. Internationally revered and an Aussie favourite, Jimeoin’s stand up had the audience LOL’ing and ROFL’ing all night long.

To top it all off, audiences had their sides tickled by the likes of Becky Lucas, Nick Cody, Tom Walker, Michael Hing, Katie Burch and the Stevenson brothers.



Becky Lucas

Becky Lucas

Named as one of Buzzfeed’s 27 funniest Australian comedians on Twitter, writer, performer, rat and prolific tweeter, Becky Lucas is one of most exciting new voices on the Australian comedy scene and is quickly commanding attention.

Tom Walker

Tom Walker

Taking out the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Best Newcomer Award with his show ‘Beep Boop’, Tom is set to take the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by storm later this year – but not before you catch him at Floriade.

Nick Cody

A seasoned comedian at only 29 years of age, Nick has performed at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, the New York Comedy Festival and sold out numerous solo shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival & Sydney Comedy Festival.

Katie Burch Headshot 2016

Katie Burch

Dry, bullet proof and absolutely hilarious material make one thing certain, Katie is one of the most booked comedians in the country. Katie dropped onto the scene shortly after being kidnapped by a cult, chained to a forest floor and marrying a hot guy she had known for 8 weeks. Now she uses her unique experience and comic voice to delight critics across the country.

The Stevenson Experience

Australia’s best identical-twin-brother-musical-comedy-duo. The Stevenson Experience’s catchy songs and trademark sibling rivalry combine to make every performance an energetic and side-splitting experience.