To celebrate 30 in style Floriade, in collaboration with our friends at artsACT, lovingly curated a collection of stunning sculptures.

In 2017, guests could discover sculptural surprises around every corner. They uncovered hidden masterpieces set against a sea of tulips or glistening by the water’s edge.

Showcasing local and national talent, this public exhibit featured a diverse range of pieces from new and returning artists. Created using everything from natural stone through to repurposed plastic, Floriade visitors didn’t know what to expect next.

Visitors saw Floriade from a new perspective as these works of art transform Commonwealth Park. Did you view our floral majesty upside-down and back-to-front with Horizon? Did you catch a ride on our colourfully camouflaged boat, In Plain Sight, or share a peaceful moment of reflection gazing upon Jimmy Rix’s adorable kangaroo couple?

The perfect memento of Floriade 2017? The ultimate selfie posed on our spectacular subaqueous sofa. See the sculptures which featured at Floriade 2017 below.