Written by Better Homes and Gardens garden editor, Roger Fox.

If you like the idea of growing your own vegies, but have never quite got around to it, this is the best of all times to give it a go. Spring is the season for planting all the faves, including tomatoes, lettuce, eggplant, cucumbers and zucchinis. A sunny bed in the garden is the ideal spot, but don’t be put off if you’re short of space – containers work just as well. Go for generous-sized containers (30 – 40 cm diameter) and look for dwarf varieties of your favourites, sometimes sold as patio vegetables. For the best results, choose a potting mix formulated for vegetables and herbs, and feed them with a soluble fertilizer every couple of weeks. Potted vegies are easy to set up and you’ll get a real buzz every time you harvest a colander full of fresh goodies!


Quick Tips:

  • Cherry tomatoes are the best choice for pots and troughs. They’ll produce heaps of fruit you don’t have to stake them – just let them sprawl.
  • To support a climbing vegetable like beans, position the pot against some metal mesh.
  • Plant a whole container full of different lettuce varieties, then just snip off bunches of the leaves as you need them. This allows the plant to re-grow more leaves for more salads!


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