Floriade is held in Commonwealth Park, a five-minute walk from Canberra’s city centre


Floriade is a pleasant walk from the city centre. The Canberra Centre to Floriade via Allara St and across Parkes Way overpass will get you to the Parkes Way Entry in approximately 10-15 minutes. Walking from the Commonwealth Ave bus stop near Albert St will get you to the Regatta Point Entry in approximately 5 minutes.

Park along Constitution Ave and walk to the Nerang Pool Entry via the underpass in approximately 5-10 minutes.


If you are planning on visiting please be aware there is limited parking available at Acton Park and parking along Constitution Avenue is limited due to construction work.

Many other parking choices are available to visitors. These include the Parliamentary Triangle, London Circuit, Canberra Centre, National Convention Centre and Canberra Institute of Technology car parks.

Where parking fees do apply, they can be paid using the Parkmobile app, credit cards or coins.

These parking areas are shown on the 2016 Floriade online parking map.

Parking map

Visitors to Floriade need to park legally to avoid the risk of an infringement being issued to their vehicle.

Parking Inspectors play a crucial role in ensuring public safety around major events. They help to ensure that our road rules are followed, and where necessary are enforced. Parking illegally can be an inconvenience for others and in some cases can be dangerous for other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

It is an offence to park a vehicle on open space. Open space is any area that is not designed for the movement or parking of motor vehicles, such as grassed areas, nature strips, footpaths, road verges and landscaped areas.  Signs are in place advising motorists not to park on these areas.

Parking Inspectors from the National Capital Authority and the ACT Government will be patrolling the areas and parking infringement notices will be issued to illegally parked vehicles.

Alternative Transport to get to Floriade

Visitors to Floriade are encouraged to make use of the many other transport alternatives to get to Floriade hassle free.

A great alternative is to make use of the Canberra Centre to Floriade Shuttle Service. The shuttle service is a free City to Floriade shuttle and provides transport from the city to the front gates. It runs every day during Floriade, departing from the Canberra Centre in a 45 minute loop.

Other alternatives include catching an ACTION bus, using ACT Park and Ride or Explorer Bus, catching a taxi, riding, walking from the city across the Parkes Way overpass.

More information about transport alternatives can be found in How to get here.


Why not ride your bicycle to Floriade and enjoy the fresh air? For your convenience, bicycle racks provided by Pedal Power are located at the Parkes Way and Regatta Point Entry to Floriade. Make sure you bring your own chain and lock, as bicycles and tricycles (including hand-propelled tricycles for young children) must be left at the gate.

Bike & Ride

You can also avoid traffic congestion by using the Bike & Ride facilities available for you to lock your bicycle in a bike cage, locker, or on a bike rail during the day and catch an ACTION bus to complete your journey to Floriade. Another option is to take your bike with you by using the on-bus bike racks.

Regular bus fares apply with no additional charge to secure your bike at a Bike & Ride facility.

The Bike & Ride facilities are located on ACTION Rapid & Xpresso bus routes and at selected group centres to allow easy connections with peak-hour bus services, and form part of the ACT Government’s commitment to active travel.

Find your nearest Bike & Ride location.

Free City to Floriade Shuttle

Dates of service: Saturday 16 September to Sunday 15 October 2017 inclusive
Service Description: Free shuttle bus service from Canberra city locations to Floriade

Frequency: 45 minute rotations, 7 days per week
Hours of operation: 9am to 5pm
Bus capacity: 80 passengers (25 internal, 55 roof top)

For route map and bus stop information, please see the 2016 Floriade parking map.



Canberra Centre – Petrie Street Mecure Canberra – Ainslie Avenue Sydney Building – Northbourne Avenue Floriade – Regatta Point Melbourne Building – Northbourne Avenue
9.00am 9.05am 9.10am 9.15am 9.25am
9.45am 9.50am 9.55am 10.00am 10.10am
10.30am 10.35am 10.40am 10.45am 10.55am
11.15am 11.20am 11.25am 11.30am 11.40am
12.00pm 12.05pm 12.10pm 12.15pm 12.25pm
12.45pm 12.50pm 12.55pm 1.00pm 1.10pm
1.30pm 1.35pm 1.40pm 1.45pm 1.55pm
2.15pm 2.20pm 2.25pm 2.30pm 2.40pm
3.00pm 3.05pm 3.10pm 3.15pm 3.25pm
3.45pm 3.50pm 3.55pm 4.00pm 4.10pm
4.30pm 4.35pm 4.40pm 4.45pm 4.55pm *Last route of day
5.00pm END
Canberra Centre – Petrie Street Mecure Canberra – Ainslie Avenue Sydney Building – Northbourne Avenue Floriade – Regatta Point Melbourne Building – Northbourne Avenue
8.00am 8.05am 8.10am 8.15am 8.25am
8.45am 8.50am 8.55am 9.00am 9.10am
9.30am 9.35am 9.40am 9.45am 9.55am
10.15am 10.20am 10.25am 10.30am 10.40am
11.00am 11.05am 11.10am 11.15am 11.25am
11.45am 11.50am 11.55am 12.00pm 12.10pm
12.30pm 12.35pm 12.40pm 12.45pm 12.55pm
1.15pm 1.20pm 1.25pm 1.30pm 1.40pm
2.00pm 2.05pm 2.10pm 1.15pm 2.25pm
2.45pm 2.50pm 2.55pm 3.00pm 3.10pm
3.30pm 3.35pm 3.40pm 3.45pm 3.55pm *Last route of day
4.00pm END


The City to Floriade Shuttle is a free service. Bookings will not be accepted for this Shuttle Service and availability can not be guaranteed.

Whilst every effort is made to maintain the timetabled service, no responsibility will be taken for inconvenience due to delayed service. Luggage may not be left on the bus.

Children under the age of 14 years are not permitted to travel unaccompanied.

To view all conditions of use visit www.canberracentre.com.au.

Special Access Parking

Free parking for people with limited mobility is available adjacent to the Regatta Point entry (access off Commonwealth Avenue). Parking is limited and vehicles must display an authorised disability permit.


ACTION buses provide regular bus services between Floriade and the city’s four main town centres.

ACTION’s Blue Rapid 300 routes operate from Belconnen, City, Woden, & Tuggeranong Bus Stations with high frequency, providing easy access to Commonwealth Park via stops 8888 & 8889 on Commonwealth Avenue.

Additionally, some regular route services provide direct access to Commonwealth Avenue without the need to connect at a bus station.

Weekdays: 300, 313, 314, 315, 318, 319, 343, 1, 2, 3, 80.

Saturday: 900, 932, 934, 935.

Sunday: 900, 932, 934, 935.

ACTION Buses also provide a Tourist Loop Service, which operates around key tourist attractions and the city centre.

Commonwealth Park is also an approximate 1km walk from the City Bus Station, via the footbridge over Parkes Way.

For timetable information ring ACTION’s Customer Service Centre on 13 17 10 or visit action.act.gov.au

Taxi & Uber

Call a taxi and be dropped off at the Regatta Point Entry
Cabxpress: 6260 6011
Canberra: Cabs 13 22 27

You can now UBER to Floriade and NightFest 2017. Simply check the ETA, ‘REQUEST’ when you need a car, and enjoy the ride!

More info can be found online at uber.com/cities/canberra


The 2016 ferry timetable and fares are outlined below. The 2017 timetable and fares will be uploaded shortly.

Visit www.lakecruises.com.au to find out more